Friday, May 4, 2012

What is "Words Leave Out The Rest" all about?

Please listen to the song and read a few of our impressions from the song.

"I began writing this song late one evening in November. I penned the words before i picked up the guitar and wrote the tune. For me the song explores a distinct angst that had been growing for over a year. I had a feeling that I wasn't working hard enough toward my goals and that I lacked the courage to aspire to the things I really wanted out of life.  That November evening Words Leave out the Rest became a plea to both myself and a dear friend to summon the courage and commitment to make the sacrifices necessary to follow our sense of right."


"This song reminds me that there is nothing necessarily valiant or virtuous about living the way others expect you to live. Too many of us ignore our sense of right and 'let our fear and busyness be our god.'"


Words Leave Out The Rest


I think that we are getting closer - closer to each other and further from our goal

And it seems when ever we get closer that something tries to stop us and we fail

But I believe that you've got something special - together we've got something and I feel the world would benefit from us

And I want to sew our dreams and time into a quilt and drape it over us as we sit by the fire of our hope

And we'll talk of all the beauty that we feel from the world and lament the fact that our words leave out the rest

It frightens me that though we feel a calling we let our fear and busyness be our god

But I believe that what is scaring me is that this is just iconic of what is happening in the world

Is this song a warning? A prophecy? A wake up call? Some jumbled words? A battle cry? A desperate plea for help?

Maybe the kindling of our hope?

And I want to sew our dreams and time into a book and turn its pages as we sit by the fire of our growth

And we'll sing of all the beauty that we feel in the world and lament the fact that our words leave out the rest

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