Monday, April 30, 2012

More cell phones than people with access to toilets and clean water...

Woke up early. Lot of homework. Little time. A Lot happening in the world right now. The “Sudans” seem intent on catalyzing the next major East-African war in a series of regional tragedies. Cristina Fernandez – president of Argentina – has officially opted to nationalize YPF - the largest oil company in Argentina. Spains's Repsol claims majority ownership of YPF and the choice to nationalize will no doubt have substantial effects on European trade, further slowing the Argentine economic recovery. The supreme court will soon reach a verdict regarding Arizona’s notorious immigration law. And with nearly 6 billion cell phones currently in service there are far more cellphones than people with access to a toilet or clean water.

I visited a friend this afternoon who recently concluded a several week stay in the hospital with complications from cancer and diabetes. She said “I prayed this morning and thanked God for my birthday.” “Happy Birthday!” I told her. “It’s not my birthday” she said. “ I’m just so thankful to have another day of life that it feels like my birthday.”

I went home and held my son and celebrated life. Life is beautiful and today – right now – there are people in every nation and every region celebrating their beautiful and unique life.


With All My Love describes the tension between sensitivity to the injustices in the world and gratitude for the beauty and sanctity of life. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this song I invite you to do so by clicking on the link below.

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