Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Setting Out To Do Something Unique!

Danny and I were very conflicted about whether or not to set apart the time to record an album together. We are both extremely busy! Danny just finished a masters degree, has a full time career managing programs for a non-profit organization in Salt Lake City UT, and has a family that is his number one priority.  I am fully immersed in a masters program at Yale University in CT, and my wife and I just had our first child - a beautiful boy!  While Danny and I love writing music together, the project at first thought seemed strikingly quixotic if not borderline frivolous. The situation was further complicated by the fact that we live thousands of miles away from each other. In the end we couldn't ignore a growing belief that songs ought to marry music and words in meaningful ways.  We couldn't ignore a call to write substantive lyrics and music.

Before arranging the album we committed to doing something unique.  First, we wanted to marry music and words in meaningful ways.  In other words we wanted to cut out fluffy words, overly abstract images, filler lines, unnecessary rhymes, and write lyrics that have a point - lyrics that are about something that actually matters to us.  We tried to write words that would be accessible to listeners. Second, we wanted each song to explore a different topic.  Some artists get stuck writing about the same thing over and over again.  We challenged ourselves to think and write about different issues.

We hope you will take the time to give our new album a few critical listens and tell us what you think! Click on the link below to listen to the album.


Thanks so much for your support!


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