Thursday, April 26, 2012

What instruments were used in making Hypnopompy?

A wide range of both acoustic and electronic instruments were used to create Hypnopompy. Most of the percussion was composed and recorded using an MPC 1000, which allowed us to use both synthetic drum beats as well as our own samples of various percussive sounds, such as pots and pans, a jar of quinoa, and a microphone scratching a scruffy face to add texture and rhythm to our compositions.

The lead instrument heard in "Luna sin Moonlight" was created by sampling some of the notes of "Pop Goes the Weasel" from this jack-in-the box. The notes were manipulated and rearranged on the MPC to imitate a musicbox. 

This acoustic guitar, most prominent in "Upwards, beyond the Onstreaming," was custom made by Reo Stika of Great Salt Lake Guitar Company to compliment Danny's soft finger picking style.

A Paraguayan folk harp used in "Luna sin Moonlight."  

Christopher Escalante also played trombone and tuba for"With all my Love."

Remember that Hypnopompy is available for download. You can purchase the album at:

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